Attractions/Leisure - Leisure and Sports

Sports Development

Mole Valley District Council's Sports Development Officer works closely with a host of local, regional and national partners to create both equitable and sustainable opportunities for sports participation in the District. For more information on Sports Development in Mole Valley, please contact the Sports Development Officer on 01306 879194 or

Arts Development

Mole Valley District Council actively promotes the arts, through its own efforts and in partnership with others.The Arts Service strives to:

  • offer opportunities for participation in arts activities to all sections of the community
  • develop and support sustainable arts programmes and facilities
  • provide advice and support to community arts groups on funding and developmental issues principally through the Mole Valley Arts Forum
  • The District has a vibrant arts scene and many creative activities and cultural events take place throughout the year.

For further information about Arts Development in Mole Valley, please contact the Arts Development Officer on 01306 879188 or

Mole Valley Arts Forum

Mole Valley has an active Arts Forum, which provides information to artists and arts groups as well as organising training sessions and discussions on relevant issues. For more information see their website